Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bedtime reading

It's been a while since the last video, I know, I know. Less than 3 months since her 2nd cochlear implant activation, Lilly's progress is nothing short of amazing! She has mastered her power word lists and learned so many animal names and sounds, fruits, transportation, bathing and playing language, simple requests and commands, please and thank you,- whew! It's astounding how quickly her language and speech is developing!

This is all thanks to Nana who works diligently with Lilly in all her areas of development but especially in speech-language & gross motor. I am enjoying the summer weeks getting to spend this amazing time with her. I must admit, bedtime is still my favorite time. We have a bedtime routine that always includes reading books and having great conversations about what we see...enjoy!


  1. Love it!!! Esp. the part when she points to the deer.. TOO FUNNY!