Friday, September 18, 2009

Lilly's Language Explosion

Little Lilly sure does love her books. She studies and learns new words quickly. She was given a receptive language (words you understand) analysis test last month. At 21 months, after hearing for only 9 months, Lilly's receptive language measured as that of a typical 22 month old.
In 9 months Lilly closed the gap in her receptive language!
Stay tuned for updates on the expressive language (words you can say), results in November!


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  2. I had a spelling error in my last comment, I could not leave that on your blog, lol. She is doing fan-freakin'-tastic. I love it. Y'all are insane for teaching her that, but I absolutely love it. Go Lily, Go Lily, Go Auburn, Go Auburn! haha.

  3. wahoo!!! how awesome is that kid?? way to go!!!

    too funny about Auburn-- we might have to discuss her options with her ;)