Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lilly saw Dr. Lane Rutledge (pediatric neurologist, geneticist...and metabolic expert :-) this morning for a follow up from her hospitalization Sunday/Monday. Her reflexes and tone seem to have returned to normal...for Lilly. It appears that Lilly at times will wax and wane between hyper tonic and hypo tonic especially during periods of illness. After her negative reaction to the spinal tap done Thursday in Atlanta, these reflexes were exacerbated by a small about of spinal fluid displaced in her spinal column against her spinal cord. The fluid sack pushed her cord anterior, causing extreme reflex changes, headaches and vomiting.
Have no fear!
Lilly will not be undergoing any more spinal tests including Lumbar Punctures or CT Milograms unless vitally essential to her health! As for now Lilly is walking, talking and responding normally and unless any of these things change...we are in the clear!
Have a Happy Holiday everyone! Thanks for your prayers and support!